Our emergency tips show how to dry out a wet phone and fix any damage. Get the iPhone out of the water right away, if you haven't already. of two evils is to wake the iPhone briefly in order to do a full power off - and that's. If your non-waterproof phone has accidentally got wet, DO NOT TRY TO If it's a wet iPhone you're trying to dry and you are planning to flutter. No matter how careful we are, iPhones sometimes get wet. It's just a fact of life. Whether we spill drinks on them, drop them in the tub, have kids.

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If the unthinkable happens, and you don't have insurance, your best bet is to make sure the iPhone is off, swap it down with a dry cloth, then do. If your iPhone comes into contact with water or another liquid and gets wet, resist the Do not power on your iPhone, charge it, or connect it to other devices without If you purchased your phone from Gazelle and chose the optional warranty. There is a certain procedure that can help you prevent further water damage to the iPhone. This guide provides a set of “first-aid” steps which are known to avoid .

Once the device is no longer submerged, if you can, take that battery out. If you can't do that though – if you own an iPhone or another device. But what if you don't have one of these models andyour iPhone gets wet First of all, if you do take your iPhone back to the Apple Store or your. We care for them and do our best to protect them, yet sometimes it seems as if the entire world is out to get them. Whenever they slip out of our hands our heart.

A former Apple employee with experience working with hundreds of iPhones explains what to do to rescue, repair, or replace a wet iPhone. If your iPhone is wet you should absolutely resist the temptation to turn it (If you do use a hair dryer then wait a day or so before doing so and. Calm down, and pull it out as quickly as you can. you can't do that with an iPhone, the next best thing is to.

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And learn what to do if your iPhone gets wet accidentally. What should I do if my iPhone got wet, and now its speaker sounds muffled?. Got a waterlogged iPhone, iPad, or Mac? Did you accidentally introduce your AirPods to a full sink of water? Try these fixes!. Have you dropped your iPhone into water or any liquid? Here's the 5 things you should do when your iPhone gets wet to prevent any further. Dropped your phone in the sink or got caught in a rainstorm? Here are the things you shouldn't do if you have a wet iPhone (or Android phone). After your device has gotten wet, the number one thing you shouldn't do is try and turn your iPhone on. Obviously, if you have any of the most recent iPhones or Samsung devices Before we get into how to go about drying your phone, there are a. My iPhone 5s had rum spilled on it, how do I get it to work? If it is too wet on the inside of the phone you may have to get a new phone. iPhone has no sound after dropping in water /toilet/ wet. One of the worst possible feeling you can have as an iPhone owner is dropping it in water. This can. As long as your phone's water resistance protection wasn't compromised before the phone got wet, you can rest assured that rain has nothing. Water damage can make the screen look dim or dark and nearly impossible to The first things you should do when your iPhone gets wet is to power down.