Answer (1 of 3): According to a few fellow gamers online it seems the way to get HM Surf in Pokémon Light Platinum is to do the following:First you need to visit. Answer (1 of 3): Hm surf in Pokémon is available in platinum, but not light platinum. If you are looking for it in platinum you have to go to the centre of Celeistic. Where do you get hm defog surf and strength on Pokemon platinum? you will receive surf from the elder of celestic town and strength and defog i have forgoten .

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pergilah ke Marfeny Lake untuk mendapatkan Hm05 Lava Surf. Ajarkan Hm ini pada salah . Cara menangkap pokemon legenda pokemon light platinum. MOLTRES . Please FOLLOW and JOIN to get update! Cool Social. Reward: Green Badge, TM19 Giga Drain, Can use HMLava Surf HM Found in Marfeny Lake with LURE. Pokemon Light Platinum Zhery League & Gym. Pokemon Platinum. DS Question for Pokemon Platinum. How do you get the ' hm' whats the easiest way to get shiny pokemon without using action. I really want How do I find box 1 on DS? It's where the In Pokemon light Platinum v.

I am stuck after you get the 6th badge, when you go up you require surf to go on. Am I meant to have found it? If so, where? When you go right. So I have to get through the fourth Gym to access it, and I may find HM05 ( Lavasurf) first on the other half of Lake Marfeny. Now I see a partial. Pokemon Light Platinum Playthrough #9. Author's Avatar Damn were getting closer and closer. Steven gave me Hm03 Surf and he leaved.

Walkthrough Pokemon Light Platinum Lengkap Bahasa Indonesia [GBA] mendapatkan Root Fossil, Focus Band, Thunder Stone, HM03 Surf. Game Boy Advance,. Play Pokemon Light Platinum Online After reading it, Jasmine wants to make sure no one (evil) can get their hands on it. Kaori summons .. You do not have Surf yet, so it is necessary to pay. You can go through the pass under the mountain if you have a pokémon that can use Lava Surf. You can get this TM from the person on the east-side of Marfeny.

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How to get hm surf on pokemon light platinum. Lance Onteling to Pokémon light platinum cheats and guide · August 16, ·. How to get hm surf on. Please give cheat for hm 3 please I am not getting in mt please. Was this. Read Pokemon light platinum page 1 from the story Pokemon Light Platinum Walkthrough You dont get to pick your rivals name this time however, we all like their . Pidove()(24%), Poochyena()(10%), Shinx(2, 4)(2%) Surfing Horsea. Pokemon Light Platinum Q&A Here are the cheat codes that you need for Torchic and Where can you get the hm move of surf and rock tomb in light platinum?. On Route , when you get to the clearing, go to the left side and you'll bump into the humble abode of a hiker who says he's lost his HM out. 23 Jan. Pokemon Platinum Version:: Guide to Handling the HMs Bibarel is probably the best travel pokemon there is, as it can learn Rock Smash, Cut, Surf, Strength, Add on: hay if you picked piplup as ur starter get it to lv80 for stat. Complete pokemon light platinum map guide (ZHERY lake obtain hm LAVA SURF>house in enermy town obtain hm STRENGTH>mt. city>serenity city power plant find rayner>serenity city gym>serenity hotel obtain hm. cheat item pokemon light platinum final version. cheat item. tulis terus 0CA – Light Ball 0CB – Soft Sand = HM03 (Surf) = HM I was playing pokemon light platinum and I got to Mt. Shuem but I can't use lava surf because I didn't get the 2nd gym badge. I don't want to. Pokemon Light Platinum or Pokemon From ALL Five Generations Mashed Note: From now on, as soon as I get my starting five Poke Balls, I will choose from the . I got a new badge, which let me use LAVA SURF. What the.