Submit Your Podcast to Spotify: Step by Step Guide All podcast RSS feeds must have a title, image, and at least 1 episode to qualify. Submit. If you don't have your podcast on Spotify yet, then you're missing out on a huge amount of potential new listeners. Despite being relatively new. Solved: With the announcement of podcasts being added to Spotify, how do I add mine as an approved partner?.

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Do you have a podcast and want to expand your audience? Well, Spotify is the way to go. Here are a few steps to getting your podcast on. Spotify has started to take podcasting seriously and has quickly become one of the top directories to find your favorite shows. They didn't allow public submissions but this week, Spotify have opened up a new portal allowing you to submit your podcast feed. Find out how in 3 easy steps.

March 15, Submit Your Podcast to Spotify: Step by Step Guide. Spotify turned a lot of heads when they first announced they would start streaming podcast. With this article we want to give you the necessary tool kit for getting your podcast on Spotify by offering you tips on how to get accepted. Soundtrap, a music-editing software company owned by Spotify, is launching a new product today that's specifically designed to make podcast.

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Before it's a podcast behemoth, though, the company needs to work on its signature app. Here's what Spotify needs to do before it can be the. To start a podcast, at a bare minimum, you need to: .. The way you can go about getting your podcast on Spotify depends on your media host. With things like audio editing that's as simple as rearranging phrases in a transcript, Spotify's Soundtrap for Storytellers wants to democratize. Because of this, the podcasters who have the most luck from random searches on Spotify are those with podcasts that focus on music or the artists that make. Apple Podcasts; Breaker; Castbox; Google Podcasts; Overcast; Pocket Casts; RadioPublic; Spotify; Stitcher. If you want to make your podcast available on. How to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify Whooshkaa is free to upload your podcasts and they have some great sharing. While most media companies are focusing on video, Spotify wants to be all about audio. I reckon the shape of that initiative gives us a blueprint of what is likely to come with Spotify's adventures in podcasting. The company will. Spotify: It's possible, but you have to be patient - and it's not guaranteed Before we get too far into this, you need to know there's a catch. OK, it's. “Podcasts are popular for a lot of the same reasons music is popular.” Spotify's on a podcast binge and it wants artists to feed its platform's.