You or a carer will need to empty the catheter bag to ensure you dispose of the urine properly. There are two types of catheter bags: large catheter bags and leg catheter bags. You and your carer should learn how to empty and clean both bags so that your catheter and its equipment. Video running time: minutes. The film may take time to download depending on your broadband speed. To enlarge to full screen click on the arrows at the. Emptying and Cleaning Your Urinary Catheter Bag. You have an indwelling urinary catheter. This drains urine from your bladder into a bag. The bag can be one.

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A catheter is a hollow tube, which is put into the bladder via the urethra (the passage through which you normally pass urine) which allows urine to drain. An indwelling catheter is a flexible tube that's put into your bladder to drain urine. Urine from the catheter drains through the tube into the drainage bag. The Foley catheter is a tube that helps drain urine from the bladder. It is used by some patients who have had urological or gynecological surgery, or who have a .

If a doctor has advised you to use foley or external catheters, then you will also need to use urinary bags. Learn how to empty, clean and. CONTENTS. PAGE. Patient and Carers guide to Catheter Aftercare. 3. Equipment needed. 3. How to empty a urinary catheter drainage bag. 3. How to attach a. It is important to clean and care for your catheter according to the instructions given to Empty the urine from your leg bag or bladder if using a catheter valve.

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What is a Catheter? A catheter is a hollow, flexible tube which allows urine to drain from your bladder. It has a small balloon at the tip to prevent the catheter. at Toronto Western Hospital. Read this brochure to learn about: • How to take care of the Foley catheter tube. • How to empty and change the drainage bag. Caring for a client who has a urinary catheter. • Urinary catheter hygiene. • Urinary drainage bag systems. • Urinary catheter drainage bags. • Emptying the. known as a catheter has been designed to help empty your bladder A urinary catheter is a soft, hollow tube which houses two channels;. A Foley catheter is a thin, hollow tube made of soft, flexible material. It Urine will automatically drain out of your bladder into the bag which is attached to the. It also explains the procedure for emptying a catheter bag. Citation: Yates A ( ) Urinary catheters 3: catheter drainage and support systems. to empty it. Clip it to the side of the bed, or put it in a container on the floor. Bladder. Lying down. A Foley catheter collects and drains urine. (pee) into a collection. Things To Remember About Both Drainage Bags. • Keep the bag lower than your catheter. This lets urine drain into the bag. • Wash your hands before and after. Most people who have a long-term catheter now use a catheter valve (with or without a bag) because it is generally felt that the bladder should not be kept empty. Indwelling catheters can either drain into a bag attached to your leg, which has a tap on the bottom so it can be emptied, or they can be emptied into the toilet or.