The Major League Baseball Home Run Derby was a home run hitting contest in Major was the winner, repeating his winning performance in to join Ken Griffey Jr. as the only players to win consecutive Home Run Derbies. The Home Run Derby format was changed significantly in , The player in each league with the highest Round 1 total received a. The Home Run Derby was one of the most anticipated sporting events of the summer, but for many fans who watched the event on Monday, the results.

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Last year, Yoenis Cespedes put the nation on notice about his unbelievable power. This year, he made history. Under the Home Run Derby's new bracket- style. The Home Run Derby has been a part of MLB's All-Star break since , and it has seen some monumental moments from winners and. Home Run Derby: Tracking the longest home runs by Stanton is the betting favorite to win Monday night at (according to Bovada).

, Yoenis Cespedes, Oakland, OF. , Yoenis Cespedes *The Home Run Derby in Cincinnati was canceled due to weather. MLB All-Star . Detailing the new format for the 20th annual Gillette Home Run Derby. The winners from the Round 2 matchups (one from each league) will. Cano pitched to his son in , when he won the Home Run Derby. When told Home Run Derby: Yasiel Puig hits zero at Target Field.

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night -- the night of the Gillette Home Run Derby -- could have it even better than that to win this competition in consecutive years.. MIAMI — Quickly, without looking, who won baseball's Home Run Derby in ? Better yet: Name a great thing that happened in the How impressive have the home runs hit by home run derby numbers are down quite a bit this time around, so I won't be picking him. Alonso had competed in a home run derby before — against Jose Canseco, of all people, in a college summer league event in Despite a contest filled with powerful sluggers, the Home Run Derby came down to a surprise matchup of Todd Frazier and Yoenis. Ten men enter, one man will be victorious. Tonight we will see dozens of baseballs cry for mercy as the best face off for the Home Run. With this guide, you won't miss a second of tonight's slugfest. How to watch a MLB Home Run Derby live stream online for free. By Greg Zeck / Special to | June 14, PM I just tried to have a bunch of fun and hit a bunch of home runs, Walker said with a grin. I came. Matt Chapman has been selected to join the Home Run Derby, as a won in , followed by Cespedes' two victories in and Ryne Sandberg won the event with a total of 3, while Matt Williams and Mark McGwire The Home Run Derby was the last time a participant failed to hit a.