Grindal worms (Enchytraeus buchholzi) are a small white non-parasitic worms that live in the soil. They are similar to White worms that are. They are also a more nutritious option versus something like frozen bloodworms. Now there are a few methods on how to culture grindal worms. Worm Culture Information - Grindal Worm Information - A place for information and the supply of live food cultures for fish.

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How I Culture Grindal Worms (click here to listen to the podcast on culturing Grindal Worms) You will need: A container with lid (a plastic margarine, yogurt. Grindal worms usually grow only 10mm making them ideal for larger fry and adult fish. Grindal worms were discovered by Mrs. Morten Grindal. How to raise Grindal Worms. The culture medium is a mixture of commercial potting soil and peat moss. It should be kept pretty moist, almost a thick.

Ask us more about Grindal worms. A friend taught us how to grow these miniature worms. The method he showed us was so easy and nearly fool proof. Grindal worms are easy to culture, and make a superb growing on food, for young fish that are getting past the artemia-only stage. Origins: Grindal worms grow wild in our soil like their slightly larger cousins – the white worms. Mrs. Morton Grindal of Sweden extracted these.

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I was surprised that the instructions for culturing Grindal worms recommended using peat moss because it is extremely acidic. Another site with culturing. Buy Grindalworm Starter Culture from India`s only online live starter cultures store. Browse Grindal Worm Starter Culture - Quantity aprox to worms. Live Fish Foods - Starter Cultures, Culture Yourself Kits, and Bulk | Daphnia | Tubifex | Brine Shrimp | White Worms | Grindal Grindal Worms Starter Culture. Grindal worms are great live food for small fish and fry, they are easy to culture and you will have a never ending supply. Grindal Worms Philippines - Rocka Complex, Plaridel, Bulacan - Rated 5 based on 7 Reviews Awesome and responsive online customer service coupled . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Grindal Worm Live Starter Culture at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our. It just so happened that my grindal worm culture has recently become infested with the dreaded *bum bum BUM* mites! So, since I had to. Stanlley Davis Smith | Grindal Worm Seller | August 15 5-gallon, 8 gallon tanks, and a lot of grow out basins at his outdoor setup. Grindal Worm Culture Complete Guide - posted in Live Food Cultures: 1st of all, Thank Gerald & Matt DeLaVega to encourage me to start a. Live Grindal Worm Culture For Sale Grindal worms, Enchytraeus buchholzi, are closely related to earthworms and they are a great source of protein f.