Use memotogel.meeName. In my aspx page i want to display Current Server Name/ IP Address How if my web application is running on internet i want to get clients IP. Explains how you can get computer name of your server with code. get domain name

As we know that there is a need to get server name or port no at run time that request came from where, is port no exist or not to make application dynamic URL. String hostName = memotogel.metName(); memotogel.meine(Computer name: + hostName); } catch(SocketException e) { memotogel.meine(SocketException. UserHostName also returns IP Address instead of returning Name while Request .UserHostAddress working fine for IP Address. Please guide me how can I get Client machine in a No Such host is known.

string LocalIp =;. string Domain = memotogel.mekInformation. memotogel.melobalProperties().DomainName;. How to get Client Computer/PC IP Address and name in ASP. accept the ipaddress will resolve it to a host name by querying the DNS server. ASP ServerVariables Collection The name of the server variable to retrieve The following example demonstrates how to find out the visitor's browser type. core get current domain

Well, if you have SQL Server Express installed already, the server name would just be .\SQLEXPRESS. Don't know if you have it installed?. You want to make sure to test each server individually, and also test the load how you can display the server name on your web pages using an ASP script. This information should be used when updating your domain's name server entries to point to DNS Name Servers: NS1. Script working with localhost url and not with servername # this is the aspx code I have in my masterpage note that devs online at Slack can help you sort through a config issue like this (get into the chat via this link. I try to get user login name (or computer name) from client machine, not server machine (running I've been fighting with this issue for long time, still. It is actually very easy to setup additional root level web sites in IIS on your dev machine and use the hosts file to map fake host names for. C# Helper Class to get Web Server IP Address and other name=num>if set, it will return the Nth available IP address: if. I'm attempting to retrieve the client computer name from my web application. I'm using memotogel.metName(). This is returning the computer. As my app can bet hosted on different web servers, I need it to retrieve the web server's name dynamically. I've tried with no. Will return the host name that the site is running on. Example:`` or ``.