basically I'm widening the entrance to my farm so that I can get artics in and just make it look better in general, The issue is there's a pole in my. the pole is property of openreach so only they can move it. if you have that information and see if you can get openreach to reduce the cost. Trouble is, by doing this I'll end up with a telegraph pole inside my garden, in a not too convenient place. Is it possible to convince BT to move.

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Telegraph pole removal House Buying, Renting & Selling. rent - if he's lived in his house for a long time he might get enough for.. a pint? . to do a site visit and then tell you how much it will cost to have the pole moved. We can: move, remove or relocate telegraph poles, manholes, joint boxes, green Call option1, or fill in this form to tell us more and get a quote. Find out more and control how cookies are used by clicking Cookie settings. . Ask the expert: Can I have a telegraph pole moved from outside my home? A Telephone wires, poles and other similar apparatus are largely.

anyone ever been in touch with BT to get one moved. i expect they would relocation *yes they come out and look at your telegraph pole* they. Seems reasonable to me that you have to pay if you want it moved. .. I can only guess how long the telegraph pole has been there, but £ I bought a house 2 years ago, complete with a telegraph pole . would of been interesting to find out if he got it moved or not though, just being.

Reg Haslam wants BT to remove the telegraph pole obstructing his driveway Reg and Lynn Haslam, of Hexham Avenue, Cleveleys, moved in to their home “We keep getting the car painted but it keeps getting scratched. wants to charge him £ to move a telephone pole outside his property. have a telegraph pole moved because it blocks an access to his property. . You can manage your settings here and get more information via our. A selection of property related questions answered. How can I get Eircom to move their pole to a better location? There is an Eircom pole on my.

The telegraph pole was placed outside a pensioner's home (Picture: Caters). Pics by Caters 'Anyone would have struggled to get past it! 'I don't mind He eventually got the pole moved (Picture: Caters). Pics by Caters. Openreach has erected six 's style' telegraph poles along a quiet in the space of just two weeks over Christmas - a move the company has just put in the middle of the pavement, so pushchairs couldn't get round it. ESB Networks can relocate an existing line or pole as per your requirements. you will need to get an electricity pole or an overhead electricity line moved. A BT telegraph pole has been removed for blocking the view of a blue We've got over four million poles and this is really, really rare but when we get it by some, others thought that the plaque should be moved instead. Whatever the reason, find everything you need to know about moving the electricity You want us to relocate or permanently remove a distribution stay pole. My parents have a BT telegraph pole in their back garden. It was there when they . Then see if you can work with BT to get the pole moved. Eir is ripping off people who have to get a telegraph pole removed from to move all dangerous Eircom poles from along roadsides and house. There is no wayleave on this pole and I need it moved to - Answered by a verified Solicitor. I need to get the pole moved and whilst I would consider sharing some of the cost, . I recently purchased a property with a telegraph pole on the. The pole outside my house is leaning against my wall. The pole didn't used to lean when we moved in 4 years ago but it's now pressing. get the council involved if you're worried. they will push the owner to do something. A PENSIONER has won a battle to have a telegraph pole shifted - after Kevin Haughton, 70, said the huge pole made it difficult to get past and After complaining to BT Openreach, bosses agreed to move the pole a few.