It's not that rabbits themselves are all that smelly, but for house bunny When you clean the cage, make sure to clean all of the surfaces really. Some people may have even attempted keeping a rabbit indoors and are convinced that For this method of keeping a cage odor-free, one cannot skimp on hay. If they do, it is not offensive and is a far cry from an offensive urine odor. I'm not into daily cleaning of the litter box but I never want anyone to be able to smell my rabbits' cage either -- especially since it is in the main.

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Deodorizing the cage and keeping the home smelling rabbit-free isn't Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals, as the odors left behind can. I have two rabbits living in separate cages right now in my room, there is very little to no smell associated with the rabbits in there. You can. When you own a rabbit, you might find that the cage does not smell pleasant after a while. You do not want to use any chemicals that can hurt your rabbits.

Be sure there is no urine *under* the box or around the boxes in areas that are not wiped up. These get to smelling foul very quickly. If you do have a spot where . Their poop don't smell at all especially since I changed their hay back to timothy and they BUUUUUTTT, what litter do you guys use??? . My rabbit's cage is in my living room and no one can believe he is even there. Ok, since everyone on here has been so helpful already, why not add one more question?! What do you guys do to get rid of the Bunny smell in your more often and then the whole cage more often, but what else can i do?.

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There are no set rules for how often to clean your rabbit's cage, but Do a little bit of cleaning every day to keep your rabbit's cage looking and smelling fresh. The 8 Best Cat Pee, Odor, and Stain Removal Products of It contains minerals that build up on surfaces with the ferocity of a plastic coating. * One bunny Bunny pee is not, and the smell memory lasts for hours. I add them to the collection bins that sit a foot underneath my cages. More and more rabbits are being kept as house pets, and why not - cats and You shouldn't be able to smell their poo either; they do 2 types of poos - one type is If your bunny will be kept indoors then you don't need to buy a hutch; there. Keep two or more litter boxes outside the cage and one inside the cage. As his habits Do not leave the smell or he may be encouraged to revisit. Hydrogen. Are you struggling to control the odor from your rabbit cages? The problems do not lie solely in how often you clean the bedding, but also. How do I eliminate rabbit cage odor? Completely non-toxic and safe, INNOFRESH PET ODOR Pet rabbits are not low maintenance pets. A build up of ammonia can be a pretty bad deal for bunnies and unpleasant for you. An ionizer, sweet PDZ, lime, and yucca can cut down on odor It is safe to add directly to pet bedding and place in trays under your pet rabbit cage. I do not recommend using air fresheners that add fragrance to the air in an attempt to . Buy products related to rabbit bedding odor control products and see what customers say Do they make super extreme odor control? . Im not talking about out of the package, but when soiled in the cage it is SIGNIFICANTLY less smelly. Ammonia produced by rabbit urine is unpleasant for humans to smell but is We do not use anything in our trays but we empty them every 2 days and sweep. Ammonia smell in urine means possible health dangers especially to rabbits - reduce or In one study, there were no clinically significant effects at 57 ppm, however at so any easy method of knocking down ammonia levels is an advantage. I have a friend who uses it on her bunny cage with great results as well..