Dosti is the Hindi word for friendship. Two small roti loi (dough balls) are flattened , brushed with oiled, then joined together, making them. Last evening, for dinner, I asked my mother for something different so she decided to make dosti roti and curry aloo. Now, I haven't eaten dosti. In a large bowl, mix the flour, baking powder and salt. Add 1⅛ cups water all at once and mix into a soft dough. Add more water if necessary.

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Here is the recipe of Dosti Roti, a long awaited recipe my friends and family wanted to know, I thought putting it on the blog will be helpful to you too. So here it is. There are also different types of roti such as Dhalpouri, Dosti, Bus-up-shut ( Paratha) and Sada roti. Make into a soft dough using the water. Work 2 teaspoons. Dosti roti is specially for people who like to eat really thin and soft rotis. It can be a smaller version of rumali roti to make wraps.

Dosti Roti | RecipeBook | RecipeBlog. Mix it well. 2. 2. Add water and knead the flour well to make soft dough. 3. 3. Divide the dough into equal portions . TRINIDAD DOSTI ROTI. Submitted by skeeternap Updated: September 28, 0/4 fork user rating. reviews (0). 0%. make it again. Go to reviews. Be the first to. As I mentioned long ago my past attempts at roti making have been nothing short of tragic. My mother has been hiding her tawa away from me for the past few.

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Take a break from regular chapati and paratha and try out this recipe of Dosti roti to go with your favorite curries. This friendly bread is going to make your meal. Repeat the same to make more paratha paratha. Dost paratha (dosti roti). dust two balls with Aatta. roll to 2” to 2 ½”. apply ghee all over. For a change for dinner instead of making the same old chapathi, I decided to make dosti roti. Dosti roti is made by rolling two portions of. Join Indra Laloo as she teaches the art of making traditional Hindu food items In this episode of Bhakti Bhojan, we are taught how to make Dosti Roti also. Dosti Roti (2 in 1 Roti) - Quick Recipe - (Make two rotis out of 1 roti effort) - Live Video by Vijay Haldia Founder of Zayka Ka Tadka) Text. It is the easiest to make of the rotis as it uses common ingredients and requires Dosti roti is made by cooking two pieces of the dough used for. In Trinidad it is called dosti roti which translates to friendship bread. Like all their flat breads Trinidadians make this roti as well using plain/all. This is a tasty and healthy side dish made out of moong dal and potatoes. It can be served as accompaniment with roti. It is very easy to make and tasty. My Dosti Roti stuffed with spicy Dill leaves and Chana dal goes to Roti of Dosti roti and stuffed with south Indian style filling to make it mine!. Roti. Dosti Dhalpouri Bus-up-shut (Paratha) Sada Marsha's Sada Join the two ( like two slices of bread when making a sandwich), placing the.