There are many explanations for the Notch on the WWII / Korean Conflict dog tags. The notch refers to the “V” cut out on the short side of the dog tag across from. Did dog tags used to have notches so they could be wedged between the teeth of fallen soldiers? While showing his old army dog tags to my daughter, my father asked if we knew what the notch in the dog tag was for. Another soldier would then kick his jaw shut, imbedding the dog tag. Ever wondered why the dog tag had the famous notch? Plenty of myths abound. The truth may surprise you!.

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There is a recurring myth about the notch situated in one end of the dog tags issued to United. The Notch. Is it a Tooth Notch? A Locating Notch? Something else? Read on the mystery is solved here! GENUINE ISSUE notched identification tags or dog. By , identification tags were made mandatory by the military. A gruesome rumor circulated that the notch was put in the tag so that the.

Another, more enduring myth centers around the notch that is found in World War II dog tags — and what many believe to be the purpose. The Addressograph was a type of machine developed and used during World War II. The tag was placed in the Addressograph machine and. Military dog tags are of great importance in the identification of soldiers in the army. The main purpose of the military dog tags is to identify soldiers that are.

Available in modern U.S.A. mil-spec embossed standard-issue, debossed with an optional historical notch, or laser engraved British tags and. Two notched stainless steel tags, two chains (one long, one short) - Made to order by us in Minnesota, % Made in America - Typically ship in business . Throughout WW2, the US military utilized the M dog tag. This is the one with a notch on one side. Rumors have always speculated that the notch was used.

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There are numerous styles and subtle changes made to dog tags from WWII The notched were used from WWII until about when the regular tag was. For Soldiers, what to put on their dog tag for religious preference is serious business, because spirituality is important. World War II era style dog tags (4th type March to April ). Rolled edge down, with debossed text and notch. Made of stainless steel. Our dog tags had a hole in one end for the chain and an off center notch in the other. Heresay had it that the purpose of the notch was to allowed one of the. Dog tags is the informal term for the identification tags worn by Scroll Down For The Real Reason for the “Notch” in the WWII Dog Tag. The History of Military Identification Tags. The First Dog Tags for Soldiers a machine and were rectangular shaped with round ends and a notch at one end. Following consistent customer demand we've added these 'notched' stainless steel dog tags to our range. The only difference in the tags of yesteryear, is they came with a notch in the end of them, which is the source of one of the most popular dog. Results 1 - 48 of 56 NOTCHED DOG / TOE TAGS WW2 PERSONALIZED SET MADE ON WWII MACHINE DEBOSSED. The printing on this machine is Debossed. If you are looking for the most authentic dog tags made on actual period equipment look we are the authority on WWII, Korea and Vietnam notched dog tags.