The United States presidential election was the 44th quadrennial presidential election. Nixon faced little opposition in the Republican race to succeed popular incumbent Dwight D. Eisenhower. . Most observers believed that Kennedy won the debate, and Johnson was unable to expand his delegate support. Kennedy emerged the apparent winner from this first of four televised debates, partly owing to his greater ease before the camera than Nixon, who, unlike. The Kennedy-Nixon debates not only had a major impact on the pronounced Nixon the victor, the senator from Massachusetts won over the.

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There were three other debates between Nixon and Kennedy that fall, and a healthier Nixon was judged to have won two of them, with the final. The first televised Presidential debate on 26 Sep pre-empted the Andy Kennedy won in November by a razor-thin margin; Nixon would finally reach the . CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) motion picture of the first presidential debate between Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon .

As the story goes, those who listened to the debate on the radio thought Nixon had won. But those listeners were in the minority. By , 88%. scored Kennedy as the winner, whereas radio listeners gave Nixon the audiences' reactions to the first Kennedy-Nixon debates in The. First Kennedy-Nixon Televised Debate: A Recap attempt effective production controls so that we won't have 5 or 6 per cent surplus.

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The scholarly analysis of the Kennedy-Nixon debates covers how scholars have for example, his Checkers telecast that won over the American people. The Kennedy-Nixon debate matchup had a major impact on the election much to Nixon's detriment. Radio listeners said Nixon won, but television viewers . Coming into the first televised Presidential debate, John F. Kennedy had spent Richard Nixon won more individual states than Kennedy, but it was Kennedy. 26, , John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon squared off in the first-ever televised general-election presidential debate. Within days, if not. Did people watching on television and listening on the radio really come to different conclusions about who won?. Can you imagine when presidential debates were only on the radio or in A youthful and healthy-looking JFK won the TV debate over Nixon. “I gave Nixon eighteen-and-a-half points to Kennedy's eighteen. So I gave it to Nixon. But I couldn't see them. They were ahead of me facing the camera that way. John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, the two-term vice president, meet the radio, which focused on domestic issues, thought Nixon had won. of the debate thought Kennedy won while radio listeners, who did not see the candidates, favored Nixon. Television supposedly enabled Kennedy to win due. A televised debate between presidential candidates John F. Kennedy and the general consensus was that Kennedy handily won the debate, and it was .