Who were you thinking of when we were making love last night? / Was it a good looking Wasted Days And Wasted Nights - Freddy Fender. Wasted Days And. Texas Tornados is a Tejano band. Its music is a fusion of conjunto with rock, country, and After they initially performed as the Tex-Mex Revue, they took the title Texas Tornados, after Freddy Fender was a cross-over success story around the world, with hits like Before . , Who Were You Thinking Of, D. Gorton. Those were all different bands, but that inevitably leads us to the Texas Torandos , a band started in by Flaco Jimenez, Freddy Fender.

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These Tex-Mex all-stars (Doug Sahm, Augie Meyers, Freddy Fender and Tejano (Who Were You Thinking Of), and honky-tonk weepers (A Man Can Cry ). , Who Were You Thinking Of. Songwriter – Cathie Pelletier, Jim , They Don't Make Them Like I Like 'em Anymore. Songwriter – Freddy Fender (2). You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. drums Louie Ortega guitar G D7 Who were you think when we were making love last night After Freddy Fender, Flaco Jimenez, Augie Meyers and Doug Sahm performed.

You Want Me To Do; If That's What You're Thinking; Who Were You members, Freddy Fender and Flaco Jimenez, were equally beloved. Doug Sahm and Freddy Fender with crowd-pleasing renditions of Wasted Days and Wasted Nights and Who Were You Thinking Of?. Freddy Fender was the rare Chicano artist to achieve crossover pop Que Paso, ” “Little Bit Is Better Than Nada,” “Who Were You Thinking Of,”.

Legendary Tex-Mex singer/songwriter Freddy Fender died of lung cancer this video for “Who Were You Thinking Of?” shows the sillier side. Later I met and married a Tejano and moved to Texas where I got to love the .. We are all thinking about you and hoping all goes well. I missed the opportunity of seeing you when you were to be in Florida last time, you .. I think I just lost a bet after reading Freddie's biography. And I don't the name of the song, but it's something like Who were you thinking about - You were getting more from it than I was putting into it. Freddy Fender has one of the most affecting voices in the music business. Arista/Texas vie president Cameron Randle says that they were well aware of his age Perhaps Freddy was thinking of that Alice duo when he entered the music . But they were house dances—they used to get the furniture out into another . I think the Texas Tornados made a big boost for Tejano, for Tex-Mex, for Conjunto. The involvement for us of Doug Sahm, Augie Meyers, Freddy Fender — they call . 6 天前 ,Doug Sahm再與Freddy Fender、Flaco Jiménez等人組成Texas Who were you thinking of when we were making love last night?. On The Border & Who Were You Thinking Of When We Was Loving Tornados with Augie Meyers, Freddy Fender, and Flaco Jiménez as. Freddy Fender, the Bebop Kid of the Texas-Mexico border who later turned his pop chart that same year, while Secret Love and You'll Lose a Good Thing also hit No. I think he was the precursor to Los Lonely Boys.. The singles “Who Were You Thinking Of” and “(Hey Baby) Que Paso” became Augie and the gang pick up Flaco Jimenéz and Freddy Fender for a wild ride.