Do you know how to escape from your home during a fire or other emergency? Creating a family plan is one of the most important things you can do. Watch the. Pull together everyone in your household and make a plan. Walk through your home and inspect all possible exits and escape routes. Households with children . Upwards of 75% of U.S. homes do not have a fire escape plan that they practice regularly. Creating a fire escape plan and practicing it with your kids is critical to.

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—Keeping Your Community Safewith Home Fire Escape Drills—. NFPA • 1 m Make your own home fire escape plan on the back of this paper. WINDOW. WINDOW Grown-ups: Children don't always awake when the smoke alarm sounds. Here's how to create a fire safety plan to keep everyone in your family safe. Once you've established the exits, show your children how to get out of the house . Most fatal fires are preventable, so it is important to make the time to prepare now to protect yourself, your family, and your home with a Fire Escape Plan.

Your first step: Create an escape plan based on your home's layout. (Go to, a kid-friendly fire-safety site, to download a blank. Want to make an escape plan for your home? Here are some tips for kids that want to make sure their family is safe from fire. Background: Kids Escape Planning Page Activity: Ask students if they have ever wondered what they would do if there was a fire in their home.

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Possibly the most important plan you'll ever make. Design a home fire escape plan to suit your home and talk about it with everybody in the house. If a child has . has a fire prevention checklist and other activities to help get kids involved and interested in safety planning. The Red Cross also has the Monster. Download this worksheet to help you create your own home fire escape plan. see it such as a refrigerator or bulletin board. Following the instructions, draw your escape plan on the grid. Fire Escape Plan. □ Draw the layout of your home. FREE PRINTABLE: How to make a home fire escape plan. See more. Fire Escape Plan Letter Home Fire Safety Crafts, Fire Safety For Kids, Fire Safety. Where will everyone meet once they are safely out of the house? Young children cannot escape from a fire on their own. Have a plan for getting them out safely. Involve children in planning. Consider having your children help create a fire evacuation plan2. Draw a map of the home and have children mark two exit routes. Practice your escape plan at least twice a year. Have a fire drill in your home. Make special arrangements for children, older adults and people with disabilities . An evacuation plan lays out how to exit a building safely during an emergency. Every member of your family should be familiar with several ways to leave the. Always check to see what the emergency escape plan is for the building you're in . practice the home fire escape plan with any child who stays at your house.