STC Operation Instruction. Main function. Switch the modes between cool and heat; Control temperature by setting the temperature set value and the. STC Temperature Controller (a beginner's guide) The instructions are pretty non-existent for the wiring and confusing for the menus. So I finally made time to wire up my stc temp controller last night and it seems like everything is in working order. The only thing is, I don't.

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In this manual, I will show you how to properly connect and set up a good Here is complete easy manual for STC temperature controller. Using the STC+ firmware Button acceleration, for frustrationless programming by buttons. Navigation and menus The way STC+ firmware works. How to program your STC was created by Finnroo. Some how I got the settings way out on my unit so went strait onto you tube to Gash Slugg and got it.

Elitech Digital STC Thermostat Temperature Controller main functions as below: Switch the modes between cool and heat; Control temperature by setting . Elitech STC Temperature Controller Origin Digital V Centigrade Thermostat after doing the Set/Function/Set/program parameters, to press the power. Connect the Arduino to the STC (how to do that is described later on). Open the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE and follow the instructions.

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One way is to install a new STC thermostat. The wiring instructions are translated from Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, or another of. STC Temperature sensor. Operation instructions. Programmable functions. Temperature set value: 50 - +99 °C Difference set value: - °C. Temperature Controller STC (Heating and Cooling Auto switch) one instructions (English version manual of stc temperature. Only US$,buy STC LCD Microcomputer Temperature 1 x Digital temperature controller 1 x Sensor (cm-cable) 1 x English user manual . I have plugged in my fridge to the STC (cooling) but I don't think I have it programmed right. [img] I would rally appreciate someone who. UPDATE- programming the STC Firstly, there are 4 functions. F1, F2, F3 an F4. F1- set the desired temp level. (mine is set to SainSonic STC All-Purpose Temperature Controller with Sensor Probe: sensor probe with 2M cable 1 x Instruction Manual - In Retail Packager v. STC + Pre-assembled Temperature Controller for more information on the software and latest developments; User Manual is located. Elitech Temperature Controller STC All-Purpose: and the three-button design make it safer to use and easier to read and program.【◇We. The STC is a cheap (under $20 USD) temperature controller The programming options are somewhat limited to basic set points for.