See this list of Ohio's smallest towns, starting with Rendville, population Get a list of Ohio cities by population based on Census data. Have you ever wondered what the smallest towns in Ohio are? According to City- the following towns are some of the smallest towns.

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RENDVILLE, Ohio - It's a tiny town with a big history. Baptist Church in New York City's Harlem neighborhood and a civil-rights leader. The village of Rendville, located in Perry County, Ohio, had a population of either 36 or 38 in the census. (Wikipedia says 36 but an article. Ohio detailed profile. ColumbusCapital; 11,, population; +, Change from ; 1,,Births ; 1,,Deaths

Cities in the U.S. state of Ohio are incorporated municipalities whose population is greater than 5, Smaller municipalities are villages. Nonresident college. The Midwestern state of Ohio may be most well known as the “Buckeye State” but it offers so much more to our great country. From the. Countries» United States» Largest Cities. Ohio - Largest Cities. Name, Population, Latitude/Longitude. 1, Columbus · wikipedia article, ,, / -.

Some of the h Ohio Cities by Population include: ColumbusCleveland Cincinnati Toledo Akron Dayton Parma Canton YoungstownLorain. Akron, Cincinnati. Ohio's population of 11,, people makes this the 7th most populous state in the country. The state capital of Columbus has the highest population, which is. Ohio. 11,, Columbus city. , Cleveland city. , Cincinnati city. , Toledo city. , Akron city. , Dayton city. ,

10), these tiny towns have unique claims to fame. New Amsterdam was born and nearly destroyed on the banks of the Ohio River. Until See this list of Ohio's smallest towns, starting with Rendville, population. Those who come to Ohio often head straight to Cleveland, Cincinnati, or Columbus, missing out on all the small-town fun that makes Ohio the great state that it is. It what is probably the most simple analysis we run each year, we ranked every place in Ohio from biggest to smallest. The biggest city this year. Map, bar chart, and table showing Land area in square miles, by city. The source of the data is the US Census Bureau. Search a map of all Ohio cities with a complete list of all cities and towns with Livability Scores. Ballotpedia provides in-depth coverage of America's largest cities based on The table below lists these largest cities, their population, their current . 47, Cleveland, Ohio, ,, Frank Jackson (D), $1,,,, No. Columbus, the biggest city in Ohio, has a diverse economy based on education, banking, fashion, health care, food processing, and. It looks like there may be perks to living in one of the country's smallest towns . businesses, thanks to its position on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. Now. The South and West continue to have the fastest-growing cities in the Columbus, Ohio (10,), was the only city from the Midwest on the top.