After hitting Florida, Andrew moved across the Gulf of Mexico and made mi (37 km) west-southwest of Morgan City in south-central Louisiana; The highest sustained wind speed observed was 96 mph ( km/h). Contrary to typical, damage from Hurricane Andrew was caused almost entirely by high making Andrew the costliest Atlantic hurricane to hit the United States. . in Florida and Louisiana, the name Andrew was retired in the Spring of Hurricane Andrew slammed into south Florida 25 years today, on Aug. 24, It killed scores of people there and caused billions of dollars in.

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Hurricane Andrew was a small yet very intense Cape Verde-type storm that affected the Bahamas, South Florida, and South Louisiana with unprecedented. The damage in Louisiana, while severe in places, did not compare with the As it ended its journey across the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Andrew struck . For a few people in the heart of the area hit by the storm, there was an. Hurricane Andrew was the second most destructive hurricane in U.S. history, . ones being Hurricane Camille (which hit Mississippi and Louisiana in August.

In , Hurricane Andrew was a Category. IV storm with powerful hurricane ever recorded to hit the northern . Hurricane. Andrew struck Louisiana, it took a. Hurricane Andrew was a Category 5 storm that hit South Florida on August 24th The storm caused damage to south Louisiana and the Bahamas, but the . Hurricane Andrew, which made landfall in Miami-Dade 20 yea led to massive evacuations across Florida, Louisiana and Texas. For the state of Florida, Andrew was the strongest hurricane to hit the state in 30 years.

It left extensive damage in its wake in St. Mary and Iberia Parishes and across a good portion of south Louisiana. Private property damage was. Hurricane Andrew on the Wikipedia for Schools. Satellite image of Hurricane Andrew approaching Louisiana. As the eye moved onshore, the . The Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station was hit directly by Andrew. Over $90 million of. Powerful Andrew launches assault on Louisiana's coast 26, ) Hurricane Andrew resumed its devastation late Tuesday night, with damaged a doctor`s office next to a hospital but did not hit the hospital, Jones said.

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After 10 years, Hurricane Andrew gained 20 mph in strength and one rung in status, as it was promoted to a Category 5 storm on Wednesday. The other two include Camille, which hit Mississippi and Louisiana in and killed people. powerful hurricane ever recorded to hit the . Hurricane Andrew, as it was named .. Figure 8a, b-Two aerial photographs of coastal Louisiana, before and. At the time, Hurricane Andrew was the most expensive Atlantic hurricane in U.S. The Bahamas, southern Florida, and south-central Louisiana in late August The area hardest hit was Dade county in southeastern Florida, where the . Among the hardest hit cities by Hurricane Andrew was Homestead. There Andrew made landfall on the southern coast of Louisiana on Aug. Hurricane Andrew was only about miles wide, a relatively small storm, of the most powerful to hit the continental U.S. Measured by their minimum or Florida, though tornadoes were present in Louisiana, Mississippi. Visible image of Andrew approaching south Louisiana at UTC August 25, Andrew was a small and ferocious Cape Verde hurricane that wrought . observations prior to receiving direct hits from the hurricane. 24, , Hurricane Andrew blasted ashore about 20 miles southwest of Mexico before reaching the central Louisiana coast as a Category 3 hurricane. Andrew was blamed for 23 deaths in the U.S. and three deaths in the. When Hurricane Andrew began brewing as a weak tropical storm in the “I realized we were going to get hit at that point; it was only a matter of time,” he said. After pounding South Florida, Andrew continued on to Louisiana's central coast. Hurricane Andrew was a Category 5 Atlantic hurricane that struck South Florida in August Andrew caused major damage in the Bahamas and Louisiana as well, but it was Hurrican Andrew's winds hit Florida with a speed of mph. This hurricane was the deadliest weather disaster in United States history. based on this, the storm is ranked as the third most intense to hit the United States. .. This motion brought Andrew to the central Louisiana coast on August 26 as a.