Chrome allows you to open multiple web pages on start up. Here are instructions on how to make your Chrome 'homepage' multiple tabs. Google has packed its Chrome web browser with a host of top-notch features Choose Open a Specific Page or Set of Pages under On Startup and click Set Pages. How to Setup Multiple Home Pages in Your Web Browser Google Chrome. Let's start with Chrome since that is my favorite browser at the. You can customize Google Chrome to open any page for the homepage or startup page. These two pages aren't the same unless you set them to be.

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The next time you open Chrome your selected web pages Firefox supports multiple Home tabs, which is how you can open multiple web pages To remove a URL from the list of home pages, select the URL in the box with. Aug 24th, · Comments Off on How To Set Multiple Home Pages In Google Chrome. Setting multiple home pages can be a great way to save time when. To change your homepage in Google Chrome, open your Chrome browser and click on To set multiple homepage tabs in Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then .

I thought that I did have multiple homepages up until recently so I believe this is doable, and I Type chrome://settings/startup in the address bar and hit enter. I have set the code to assign the homepage for google chrome:@echo offcd APPDATA\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Defaultset ffi. You can setup multiple home pages by going to Settings > Options and checking Open the following pages under Basic > On Startup.

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Most home pages open when the browser starts. search engine to Google or another website can make web searching even quicker. How to Make a Home Page in Chrome. Changing the home page in Chrome is done through the settings. . This is how you can set multiple home pages in Firefox. By default, Google Chrome automatically loads the New Tab page when you However, you can configure Chrome to load a group of tabs upon starting the. Originally Answered: How can I set homepages on Google Chrome? . have multiple websites open up when you start up Chrome or just one. This help page will explain how to set a default homepage in each of these If you would want Chrome to open multiple pages, such as the Google Apps. Once the EA site loads, go to the Customize and Control Google Chrome button in the If you want to set multiple home pages, then enter the web addresses of . Open webpages directly to a desired website in Google Chrome for Android by setting a homepage. Type the URL to the page you wish to set as your homepage in the address bar, then Did not explain how to set up multiple home pages. Change Your Home Page in Google Chrome Chrome supports multiple homepages, and all the addresses listed open as a set of tabs Your changes are saved, and your home page is set to the address you entered. Learn how to change your homepage settings on the Google Chrome web open multiple homepages in separate tabs when you open your Google Chrome . Setting Your Browser to Open Multiple Pages When You Start Let me tell you how to do this in Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. in the box showing “Enter a web address”, such as or mail Click on Set pages to the right of that option. I know you have to set a list of urls in the GPO to force chrome to load up the homepage, but we have had a request if a user can add sites to his.