If you are using a smartphone with Wi-Fi feature, then go to the settings and search for WiFi Hotspot or any similar name and turn it on. yes,in smart phone but you MUST have internet in your SIM card. Step 1) turn on your mobile data. Step 2) turn on Wi-Fi hotspot *some smart. Sharing a connection this way is called tethering or using a hotspot. Most Android phones can share mobile data by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. Important: Some.

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Connecting your PS3 (or PlayStation 3) online over your phone as well as a smart phone with the ability to broadcast a Wi-Fi hot spot. Do I have to connect the usb cord from the phone to the ps3? select 'Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings to setup connection encryption (I believe. You can connect your Phone and PS3 or Xbox using USB chords, Bluetooth, and WiFi or even by screen mirroring. We suggest you the.

This article provides instructions for connecting the Playstation 3 to your wireless home network. This article assumes your wireless network is. YOur ping is going to be slow high, that the network won't carry it!. Connecting your PlayStation 3 to a wireless network is the first step to joining in the world of online All you need to get started is a wireless access point.

Check your WiFi hotspot settings: If you still can't access the hotspot, you can make a second one cheaply using the Go Baby Mobile MiFi. Want to turn your Galaxy into a wireless hotspot with free WiFi tethering? You can This video will show you how to connect your Playstation 3 to your Windows. Wireless internet or WiFi has a lot of uses on the PlayStation 3 game console. The user needs it to play games online, buy or download games.

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My ssid is antony's iPhone I have tried antonys iPhone and antony iPhone but none seem to work could you help?. For this guide we will look at connecting to a phone with Bluetooth. To connect public WiFi hotspot successfully with your iPhone, you have to go through WiFi. This setting is available only on PS3™ systems that are equipped with the wireless Check that there is an access point connected to a network with Internet. The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a popular gaming console that comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. Bluetooth allows you to connect two or more. OK. Im reaching out because Im beyond frustrated trying to help my daughter connect to an Xfinity Wifi Hotspot (she cannot afford internet and does not have a . I cannot use wifi hotspot on my phone and I do not want to have to connect a wire all the way from my ps3 to my PC, so please do not suggest. A Personal Mobile Hotspot allows you to share your AT&T mobile broadband connection with other devices using a compatible Wi-Fi-enabled devices like laptops,gaming, music devices, tablets, and e-readers can connect. PdaNet+ will provide you with multiple connection options - USB, WiFi and Bluetooth. Please find more details of PdaNet+. FoxFi enables WiFi Hotspot on your Android phone - no tether plan or Supports connection from PS3, XBox, WII etc. I'm trying to connect my ps3 to the net via my Nokia n9's wifi, but the ps3 can't find the signal, even Turn on your hotspot on your phone. I have the option to pay an extra 20 or 30 dollars a month to be able to broadcast wi-fi and up to 5 devices can connect. I was just wondering if this would work for.