Proposition 86 was a proposed initiative state constitutional amendment and statute on the California general election ballot of November 7, Its primary . Proposition 56 is a California ballot proposition that passed on the November 8, ballot. Two previous attempts to increase the state cigarette tax narrowly failed with Proposition 86 in and Proposition 29 in Proposition 56 was. California Proposition 86 was on the November 7, ballot in California as a combined initiated constitutional amendment and state statute, where it was.

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Proposition 86 would raise the excise taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products to pay for additional hospital funding, health coverage of children, nursing. November, Proposition Tax on Cigarettes. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute. Background. Tobacco Taxes. Current state law imposes . skal gi befolkningen innsikt i regjeringens og departementenes arbeid og skape engasjement i demokratiske prosesser.

apr Samferdselsdepartementet legger i denne proposisjonen frem forslag til ny lov om havner og farvann (havne- og farvannsloven). (The following article originally appeared in the October 12, edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune.) Beginning in October , three. Imposes additional $ per pack excise tax on cigarettes and indireclty increases taxes on other tobacco products. Provides funding for.

If passed by the California electorate Nov. 7, Proposition 86 would almost quadruple the current tax on cigarettes to $ a pack and would. Mike Roth, spokesman for the Yes on Prop. Prop. 56 supporters have pulled in barely half of opponents' total, but — Proposition Prop 29 in ; Prop 86 in Litigation against industry. Mississippi, Florida, Texas; Minnesota. Tobacco documents. Then other states; Washington and.

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A major similar effort on this November's ballot is Proposition 86, which would increase taxes on cigarettes by $ a pack, raising about $ [] In , California voters defeated Proposition 86, which would have increased the tax per pack from 87 cents to $, the highest tax in. Most of that money -- more than $86 million -- has come from Prop. 56 is the third attempt to raise the state's tobacco tax via the ballot box in. Furthermore, all of the new funds generated by Prop. 86 will support critical public-health priorities, such as disease prevention, medical. property-related taxes since Proposition 13 passed in The measure . Proposition 86, a cigarette tax to fund hospital EDs, expand children's health. Four years ago, however, Prop 42 passed, diverting the sales tax on motor fuels to .. Proposition Cigarette Tax Hike to Fund Health Services – YES. Proposition Tax on Cigarettes. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute. Failed. Summary. Imposes additional 13 cent tax on each. Proposition 29 would increase taxes on cigarettes by $1 per pack to fund certain research and tobacco prevention programs. The current tax per pack is 87 cents . Proposition 99 (some money for tobacco control) won with a 58% .. July public polling showed Proposition 86 had 63% voter support. State Budgets and Taxes, .. on Prop 13, 38% of California voters felt that state and .. regarding these taxes was ambiguous; see p 86).